Thursday, January 26, 2006


broke things

1. my airconditioner / heater
2. my cell phone battery
3. my car


Tips Tricks Rules & Regulations for Gasparilla

After a few years of going to gasparilla, i have assembled a few guidelines and tips. for me and for others... here are some of the best.
Bulid A BASE!
sara is not allowed to stand on coolers.
sara can not fly - so no standing on coolers
sit during the parade. its safer.
sara is not allowed at the knight parade
Contact dermititus happens when you drink carona's with limes in the sun and it takes months to heal
bring extra drinks to discretely sell or give to pirates for good beads
give water to the cops. and help them with directions cause they dont know where they are
make jean cook you breakfast in the am. she's REALLY good at it.

Monday, January 23, 2006


james bond.

This weekend while watching Diamonds are Forever, i realized that James Bond wasent just an international man of mystery...
he was good at his job, good at swimming and scubadiving, good at flying things, good at shooting things and people, martial arts and he was good with the ladies. They say very good. but this brings up the biggest part of James Bonds job discription. he was an AMAZING multi-tasker...
serisouly, he could do his job, have time for tranning and have lots of time for romancing the ladies.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


New TV schedule!!!!!

there are too many new shows i want to watch, and i'm not sure when they are on...! help!
I could break down and get a DVR. but... we all know that would be the death of my social life... but you can tape more than one program at a time, and then fast foreward through the commericals...maybe i should get one and be more productive with my tv watching time...
they keep moving my arrested development, and that throws me off....but there are new shows that are turning out to be pretty good... that how i met your mother, has one of the freeks from freeks and geeks and they are starting a new beauty and the geek, and american idol auditions... the best part of the show.... and so much more. scrubs was pretty good last night... but im starting to get behind with my tv! eek.

Monday, January 09, 2006


ghost! Posted by Picasa


sunday sunset on I-4

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ferrari vs granite curb and a car...

Posted by Picasa i heard the kids didnt sound right.
bascially, 18 yr old kid borrowing moms testarosa. turned the corner too fast and then oops. hit a parked car (which was moved) and went up on the granite curb. "do you think it's driveable?" said the owner, the towtruck guy said "definately no"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


should I cut it short again...

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circa 2004? above the sholders?


Me and Grandma - back in 2004

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Grandma is doing better, I'll post updates in the comments, but he had her gallstones and gallbladder taken out last thursday, and tuesday the 3rd of January - she had heart surgery to repair 2 blockages.

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