Thursday, July 29, 2004


I'm a Winner!

I useto believe that clearchannel was evil (i stil do) but hell can they give you a good prize.  I won a trip to london for 2 for the Reading Music Festival.  This year has been kinda odd for me, ive been in a bit of a funk, dealing with family and an evil boy. so some how i seem to have impressed the gods and they have given me this wonderful gift.  not that im saying clearchannel is god - though they try to play god. anyways.... the trip. back to that. its amazing (or atleast sounds like it). airfare to london, 3 nights in a fancy pants hotel, tickets to the redding music festival (tres chere) and some beer coupons too. oh and were back stage :p
this is all related to the mp3 player i won (known as rosco). i qualifed and then i was Chosen.

Monday, July 26, 2004


Olustee Battle Field Potty Time

what a better place to stop and relieve ones self after about a gallon of Good sweet Tea than at the visitors center of the Olustee Battle field Posted by Hello it was very quiet, very small, and i startled the 2 other people when i came into the "museum"

Friday, July 23, 2004


Friday Afternoon Dance Party.

My office needs an Afternoon Dance Party. its 3:45 im board and a dance party would be a great way to break up the afternoon. just boogie for about 10 min. get the blood flowing to the feet. sad, theres no one here that would enjoy a Friday Afternoon Dance Party as much as I. i guess ill just have a Secret Friday Afternoon Dance Party with my self....

Thursday, July 22, 2004


what to do with a gallon of mayonnaise? Posted by Hello
you may be thinking i have a problem with dairy. i dont. and i dont uasually have a gallon of Mayonnaise. but this was a special occasion for work. so i tried to make mayonnaise cookes. heres a tip. DON't i LOVE cookies, but these were really bad.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2004



so i went to publix (the best grocery store in the world! well at least in florida) and bought milk at 6:00pm. got home at 6:15 andI remembered it was in my car at 7:00pm.  the temp was abut 74 with 59% relative humidity. now the question is....will the milk be bad?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


sadly. adult world is now closed. where to go now? disney world? this was one of the only surviving picutres from the weekend. Posted by Hello



so this past weeknend, i went down the itchnetuckee river with some friends that i havent seen in a while. tonight i was moving photos about from my digital camera onto my computer. and i did something not so good..... i accidentelly erased them. ive searched and searched. and no photos. shame. there were some good ones....


oh my, my first photo.... Posted by Hello


starting off with a bang.

well i intended to be creative and write a bunch of nonsense about nonsense. but...i havent....what have i been up to....not all that much..... but i have been doing stuff, just stuff that sometime i think is nothing but is actually fun and it is, but since i do it alot, its nothing new. but im here to share and share i will.... that is if i can remember what i did....

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


can you believe it? i won a mp3 player.

i guess its kinda sad that my first post on this thing is about a mp3 player. but.... I won an mp3 player isnt that cool. its 15gigs. its no ipod. but its a dell so its the same size. i have an mp3 player. yipee!the last big ticket thing i bought for myself (that wasent work related) was a 50$ bag. i didnt get anything big for xmas this year. so a gift out of the blue by clear channel is great. i figure they gave it to me for putting up with their bad radio stations.

(ironic that a radio station give out an mp3 player. now i never have to listen to them again...ha.ha.ha )


sara's got a blog, baby!

and here it is, squirll about town!
...let the random-yet-SO-interesting commentary begin!

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