Wednesday, December 28, 2005


stylin' in jax

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peanutbutter waiting for the bus

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Friday, December 23, 2005


holidays on weekends....

so my thought this year is that we are being jyped. or however you spell it...
around xmas, theres always that expected slack off time, and then you get a weekend to relax or recoop or what ever... more excuse to meet up with friends... this year. there seems to be a major time crunch. must fit holiday into the weekend.
no. i dont want to. ever since my labor day was ruined 2 years ago, i take my holidays very seriously.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


fancy new checkout at publix!

fancy new checkout at publix!, originally uploaded by squirll.

this was AMAZING! so the big publix (not to be confused with urban publix) got this! and like a dork, i pulled out the camera. isnt it nifty. look i saved 92 cents!



Bling., originally uploaded by squirll.

so... what to get me for xmas for finding a nursing home, alf, va apointments, drugs, cleaning out storage units... and all that... why diamond studs of course.


the mixcd

ok. i havent made a mixed tape or cd in a while, a long while, ive been needing too. and everyone said using itunes made it really easy. which it did! but then. oh computer why must you fail in the burning attempt? why?

so, if i can resolve this 'burning' problem.... you can all get some mixcds!

Thursday, December 15, 2005



fortune, originally uploaded by squirll.


Secret santa...

santa, originally uploaded by squirll.This is posted on my cubicle.

Ok. so like most offices we have secret santas. this year im working on getting something that i can actually use and want... and what i want is new headphones. so that i dont have to listen to boys talk about football.

happily, i can listen to my launch station i made (which i LOVE) its sarasquirll on launch.

lots of sara songs, and im going to post lists of songs that i like to listen to at work. that make me happy. happy even while working....

the jam. town called mallice

new order - basically anything

and this morning. one of my favorited played... the Doves - there goes the fear.

Beegees- Olivia Newton John - Elton John - lots and lots of Jameriquoi and Robbie Williams too!

if only my headphones worked! they are all crackly and yuck. but atleast its not footbal.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



so i think i jinxed myself...again!

Thursday, December 08, 2005



deadlizard, originally uploaded by squirll.

ok kids... i put this up to get you all riled up...

but no comments? come on! yes its sad and sick. but you all know florida, you find crunchy lizards everywhere....

deadlizard copy, originally uploaded by squirll.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


december 1st...

so far so good.
the goal was starting on December 1st, things were going to be more fun, more exciting, and more me like!
so yea me.
dec. 1 - great
dec. 2- super great
dec. 3- good
dec. 4 - super great

dec. 5 - exausted
dec. 6.... i spent too much money on a couch. but yea me and yea my ass on the couch!

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