Thursday, December 15, 2005


Secret santa...

santa, originally uploaded by squirll.This is posted on my cubicle.

Ok. so like most offices we have secret santas. this year im working on getting something that i can actually use and want... and what i want is new headphones. so that i dont have to listen to boys talk about football.

happily, i can listen to my launch station i made (which i LOVE) its sarasquirll on launch.

lots of sara songs, and im going to post lists of songs that i like to listen to at work. that make me happy. happy even while working....

the jam. town called mallice

new order - basically anything

and this morning. one of my favorited played... the Doves - there goes the fear.

Beegees- Olivia Newton John - Elton John - lots and lots of Jameriquoi and Robbie Williams too!

if only my headphones worked! they are all crackly and yuck. but atleast its not footbal.

i'm SO checking out that station. and if your secretsanta doesn't come through, i think i'll know what to send you (along with trader joes goods of course).
so tell me how this works. although i'm quite full of npr podcasts, virgin radio and other misc podcasts. hooray internet and headphones!!!
and then search for stations....
you will get comercials sadly... unless you know my secret password...
What is your secret password?
cat name x 2
SECRET SANTA PULLED THROUGH!!! i got both items!!! yea~!
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