Tuesday, August 31, 2004


i see london....

Ah what a great trip. short and very sweet. yeah we had free tickets to the reading music festival. but the highlight of the entire weekend was meeing my cousin and aunt for the first time ever!

Sunday, August 22, 2004



so st pete was spared, tampa was spared (i swear the city would of imploded and all the rude people in tampa would of freeked and complained and freeked and it would not be pretty- not just cause of the hurricane mess- but looting, killing, you name it- it would of happened)

so to do my part, satuday a week and 1 day after the storm i voulenteered to help clean up. its actually a hard thing to do. they dont really want people down south yet, still aprazing the damage, and finding organizations to get you down there is another thing. so i figured id go through habitat for humanity. good organization, people seem to like them. so good.

i show up at 6am and its sponsered by a local tv station.... not the best one in town. the worst as far as im concered. i swear we were laughfing at their hurricane coverage cause the weather guy was freeking out. with a bad tie. anyways. good for them, they got bussed donated. note: you dont want to drive your own car down there casue a. you will be turned away by the national gard in some cases b. roofing nails.....unfortuantely there were no organizers from habitat for humanity on our bus, but we continued on.
so we went to winter garden. cute town with lots of lakes, retired people, bok tower and lots of trailers. most of the building damage was on the east side of the buildings. we mostly saw high wind damage. trees, signs, aluminum awnings curled back, etc...

i didnt take my camera out of respect for the property owners.

later the unorganized tv lady who was "incharge" of our bus said one of her brightest comments"we should have a digital camera with us" humm. yeah. you work for a media company.... she had no clue, for a while i was taking over things. which was cool and fun.

we moved leaf litter, down trees, branches, stuff like that. sunday i hurt EVERYWHERE. but it was so worth it. Brian was the first home owner we helped clear his yard of trees, old man, like a granpa. so cute, so needing an extra hand. cried. so sad. but thats just how it is down there. so apreciative. even though we wernt in the bad areas farther south. we were apreciated.

bad charley pics

Friday, August 06, 2004


Devil went down to Baywalk

thought this was an odd site.
mind you hes about15' in the air.
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