Thursday, July 28, 2005


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just funny.

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Sand storm?

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Posted by Picasa well they are tearing down the old museum - the palms are going into storage...

Monday, July 25, 2005



why is it that when things get busy, they just get busier?
its like the dating drought affect, sometimes theres nothing out there, then all of a sudden... when it rains it pours...
im not complaining by anymeans... just that there are only 7 days in a week and sara can only do so much! so busy busy sara.... surviving the week! look at me go. and its only monday!
(thank god for tripple venti extra hot mochas!)

Friday, July 22, 2005


more suffleboard

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Monday, July 18, 2005


Loaf - Part Deux

this was a freak occurance.... another loaf of bread (this time french) crossing 5th Ave North at 3rd Street.
part un: Portland.

Friday, July 15, 2005


thats crazy. like san francisco crazy.

ok this recaps an event back on july 1st...
the evening begain on the street for what they call 'frist friday' we were enjoying the sites waiting for friends, when this older man kept walking back and forth. ofcourse it was me who noticed that his hand was missing. but it wasent ampitated, it was down the front of his pants....
now this wasen't so crazy. there are always a few disturbed people doing odd things in st. pete. elderly, homeless, crazy, junkies....
one of my guy friends who joined us that night was a bit shocked that us girls go out in downtown st pete with all of these locals...and our reponse to them...this is nothing. jessica being from dc, rebecca being from boston, and me. though a native floridian...well traveld and not easily shocked.

it wasent till the bars were starting to close and we were leaving that we witnessed the best of all the sites of the night. drunk, messy bum looking man, HUMPING. the sidewalk. not doing push-ups... but actually seriously humping the sidewalk....
and my responce to this is...

"thats Crazy, like san francisco crazy. "

and jessica and i keep walking down the sidewalk. poor jeremy. i think he was scared from the event.

Friday, July 08, 2005


fat cat.

I think my cat has Turrets syndrome.
so leia, the fatter of the 2 cats i have last night started making this cat fight meow grunt thing. and i go to see what she found... a cat out the window, a big roach, possibly a fruit rat found its way indoors...and theres nothing. and shes looking at me like "what?"
about an hr or so passes, and again, shes just sitting on the floor, frank is nowhere close to her, and she makes the evil noise again.
during the night, i would randomly hear more evil noises.
I'm kinda worried.....

Thursday, July 07, 2005


so whats been going on?

Lots of things... lots and lots of things
the list includes (i'm all about lists right now-possibly because my brain is overloaded)
1. work - lots of it. too much of it
2. I am getting to pick out a nursing home for my father. something that you don't uasually think of when your 29. so far so good
3. Learning about medicaid, medicare, va benifits, social security.....and applications
4. did i mention work was busy?
5. there could be a hurricane this weekend...
6. then the london bombings this morning. the family over there is safe and ok.
7. dating. trying to focus 'some' time to that project....

weekdays are consisting of work mostly, but have mannaged to squeeze in some fun times with friends as well. Highlights include, meeting some new babies who are really cute and have great parents, hanging out in dive bars with friends, seeing a movie or two, buying concert tickets, floating down spring fed rivers and planning more events floating down spring fed rivers

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Live 8

so its saturday. and its not raning out... but i can not think of a better way to spend the day but to have the tv on silent, and 5 windows open on my computer with the different stages for live 8 on.
god love the internet.

saras highlights so far:
1. the opening in london, i saw it live. just a good strong start with paul and bono and the boys.
2. the stages! after witnessing the events that can be held in europe, great respect for the event of this all
3. the crowds... if they had more stages in the states.... mahem would happen
4. the verve and coldplay! awsome!
5. UB40. i love those guys so fun. one guy wins a lawsuit from a fight, and the next thing they are a reggae band
6. annie lenox rocks. and will always rock.
7. faith hill... not that great. dosent command the crowd.
8. I missed antino bochelli.
9.brad pitt is just plain ol' hot
10. mtv sucks
11. aol online for the philly stage sucks.... they show commercials. thats wrong
12. the london crowd changing "living on a prayer"
13. joss stone is great.
14. poor snowpatrol and the killers who got their sets shortened. but madonna was great

saturday night i left to go to orlando...but got to watch some more footage...and some more comments
15. mariah tried to be madonna
16. ricky gervis did his dance. it was awsome.
17. travis was great. i wish i got to see the video behind them during "why does it always rain on me" they compared the amt to debt to shoes and barbie dolls.
18. there is this one point, franz ferdinand is playing in the bkground (it was a film they would show) i think it was after madonna?... there is a helicopter hovering over the city of london, then the camera pulls back and you realize its from another helicopter far far away on the other side of the park. and its just the coolest james bond kinda thing.
19. apple wearing cute pink headphones. so sweet. so caring of the parents.
20. tracie chappman playing in the background with cameras showing people entering and leaving hyde park

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