Thursday, July 07, 2005


so whats been going on?

Lots of things... lots and lots of things
the list includes (i'm all about lists right now-possibly because my brain is overloaded)
1. work - lots of it. too much of it
2. I am getting to pick out a nursing home for my father. something that you don't uasually think of when your 29. so far so good
3. Learning about medicaid, medicare, va benifits, social security.....and applications
4. did i mention work was busy?
5. there could be a hurricane this weekend...
6. then the london bombings this morning. the family over there is safe and ok.
7. dating. trying to focus 'some' time to that project....

weekdays are consisting of work mostly, but have mannaged to squeeze in some fun times with friends as well. Highlights include, meeting some new babies who are really cute and have great parents, hanging out in dive bars with friends, seeing a movie or two, buying concert tickets, floating down spring fed rivers and planning more events floating down spring fed rivers

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