Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Tuesday night

so when i am offered free tickets to journey and death lepard on a tuesday night, i say why not...
if you know me, im a secretive journey fan. sadly rebecca and i missed journey and had to settle for def lepard.
things that we noticed and observed
1. they wern't fat
2. the basist needed to pull up his pants, it was getting unconfortable and i think he waxes.
3. the set should have been shorter, their songs require a large amt of screaming- thus the lead guy (i should know his name) lost his voice half way through.
4. the ford ampitheater still sucks. and they turned off thier field speakers - i would complain, but it was free
5. the free tickets included a ride to the event with a limo - which we had to decline due to the fact rebecca was on the howard frankland in traffic and we already had dinner plans. but the miller light beer girls promised wrist bands, free beer and food. when we got there. the miller light girls were Gone. not suprising.
6. dont sit in the field sit on the retaining wall along the main walkway - you can see the stage sorta and the screens...
7. bring your camera. by far some of the best people watching in a while...did you know it was salsa night at the ford amp? well one lady did and dressed up for it.

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