Monday, March 20, 2006


St. Patricks day and my foot.

so for st. patricks day - I was booked to do some irish dancing and then teach a group of people how to do a simple jig and a simple reel. I was quite nervous about this cause this was the first time the boy will have seen me dance, and I had NO clue what this place was going to be like... luckly. it turned out to be a pretty good event, and the crowed really like me... but... I turned my foot and kept dancing... then i went to dunnedin, drank , and walked about 2 miles. so that night, and then the next day, my foot hurt. swollen and really not fun. then i worried that i did something bad to it. but now, its monday, still a bit swollen, a bit sore, but overall. i think its going to be ok. good thing cause i dont have insurance till april 1st.

Monday, March 13, 2006


the great TBR

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it's the great big tampa bay resevoir. it's HUGE. and 185' deep with alligators.
emergency backup for tampa's drinking water....


Jean and me

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50 cents - and you too can have a nice tramp stamp

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an excellent find by my friend jessica! and worth the investment.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


back to the blog......

well all is great except for a cold thats moving along....
more posts to follow with updates to the latest of all my adventures...
which have included grandmom getting home
me and new job
trip planning
and anything elese...

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