Monday, March 20, 2006


St. Patricks day and my foot.

so for st. patricks day - I was booked to do some irish dancing and then teach a group of people how to do a simple jig and a simple reel. I was quite nervous about this cause this was the first time the boy will have seen me dance, and I had NO clue what this place was going to be like... luckly. it turned out to be a pretty good event, and the crowed really like me... but... I turned my foot and kept dancing... then i went to dunnedin, drank , and walked about 2 miles. so that night, and then the next day, my foot hurt. swollen and really not fun. then i worried that i did something bad to it. but now, its monday, still a bit swollen, a bit sore, but overall. i think its going to be ok. good thing cause i dont have insurance till april 1st.

So how is your foot? Up to par for dancing?
the foot is better, but weak. getting better...
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