Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Topic #1 - getting the hell out of dodge.

I am so extatic that i am getting away... so excited..
but sadly, work has me totally busy to the point of frustration untill i leave town. and it was discussed at last weeks meeting
"when someone is on vacation... don't call them or expect to hear from them regarding you questions...."
ok. i can follow that rule.
so i hop on a plane tommrow afternoon. before then, i need to do work, wash dishes, laundry, pack, feed the kitties, do more work, and some more work, get presentations together and stuff for a meeting downtown regarding a project, then poof. im gone.
what should i pack? weather? events? still figuring that out...
i think that if i just went some where and hid for 5 days id be just as happy. but even better i get to go and do fun things.
yea. things im looking foreward to... checking out aprils new digs, talking to zoe, meeting mystery boysam, buying some shoes, cooling off in some cooler weather, walking alot, eating stuff (sadly not cookies or sugar or things that i like to eat), talking to strangers on the plane, seeing salt lake from the air... sleeping.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Topics up for discussion....

1. Going to portland for a much needed excape from all work issues and assisted living facility issues...

2. My boycott of MTV excluded the hedious Mtv Music video awards...that sujen girl has the MOST annoying voice... and whos going to get shot next? sadly, i think kanye better watch out! i thought it proved my point. mtv is gone to shit. was it cause i was young and i thought that they were "cool" or ahead of the times? but now... bad camera angles, and terrable editing!

3. the weather. poor neworeans... and please will those onsite reporter ladies stop wearing so much eye makeup in terrential down pours?

4. i still cant spell. ha.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


busy...still busy

tuesday sucks.
at least i can cry enough to get myself out of a $175 ticket

Sunday, August 14, 2005


i love strippers

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look ma' - i can sew

i made this Posted by Picasa


favorite signs

Posted by Picasa these are 2 of my favorite signs on us 19... some day i plan to get better pictures of them, with out being misten as a hooker.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


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Friday, August 05, 2005


warped kids

ok. so the warped tour is today. and my office is about 4 blocks from the site. public school is in for all the kiddies... so i guess they had to take the day off.
should be fun to watch. last year there were all these kids, all excited looking in the morning, by afternoon, they were so dehydrated they looked dead. why why why do they schedule these things in florida in August? i plan on taking my camera with me where ever i go today and tying to take picures of the most outrageous of the kids trying to look "cool"
picutures to come soon...

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yesterday i encountered a HUGE swarm of flies. Big flies. and they were scarry... i rolled up my window so that i would not be engulfed.
the red tide that we had about amonth ago has created these mammoth flies. they are scarry when alone, even scarrier when in a giant swarm....
ew. flies.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Summer forcast.....

ok. if we only have 16 weekends left in hurricane season and 11-14 tropical storms and 7-9 actual hurricanes...that makes for a busy end of summer.... and really...i already have plans.

hurricanes hardly happen...
on week days.
only on weekends. so from now on there will be a hurricane or tropical storm every weekend if my math surves me correct.... the 11-14 topical storms do not count the 7-9 hurricanes. and we all know that these storms will in some way affect the state of florida.

so hurricanes (and tropical storms) please do not affect the following events:
1. the killers concert (that is if my tickets EVER come in..) it is indoors, but still. people spook
2. my trip to portland for laborday. that would just suck. but for safety, i did schedule to fly out before and after the weekend
3. the weezer concert. (again indoors but still)
4. Journey - outdoors
5. Coldplay - outdoors
6. any other trips or events that come up! you already screwed up my itchnetuckey trip. i hate you.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Antiques roadshow

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antique helmet? napolonic wars? french? english?
thats leppard! and horse hair.
hummm. only clue, is that it was thought to have been warn during a corrination... but whos?


Let's go Skiing!

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So tonight, someone put their skis in my trashcan...well its not just my trashcan... but the point is that there are SNOW skis in my trash can. including the poles.
about 50% of me wanted to pull them out and take some funny pictures in the alley or in the park. or even in the bay. but 50% of me said "its hot, and humid - and i have to have someone elese take the pictures while i look silly"

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