Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Topic #1 - getting the hell out of dodge.

I am so extatic that i am getting away... so excited..
but sadly, work has me totally busy to the point of frustration untill i leave town. and it was discussed at last weeks meeting
"when someone is on vacation... don't call them or expect to hear from them regarding you questions...."
ok. i can follow that rule.
so i hop on a plane tommrow afternoon. before then, i need to do work, wash dishes, laundry, pack, feed the kitties, do more work, and some more work, get presentations together and stuff for a meeting downtown regarding a project, then poof. im gone.
what should i pack? weather? events? still figuring that out...
i think that if i just went some where and hid for 5 days id be just as happy. but even better i get to go and do fun things.
yea. things im looking foreward to... checking out aprils new digs, talking to zoe, meeting mystery boysam, buying some shoes, cooling off in some cooler weather, walking alot, eating stuff (sadly not cookies or sugar or things that i like to eat), talking to strangers on the plane, seeing salt lake from the air... sleeping.

Have an awesome time! We'll hafta to our Starbucks thing when you get back.
you have to fly over the bumpy mountains. stupid bumpy mountains. don't forget my postcard! aj is sadly lacking in sending one.
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