Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Summer forcast.....

ok. if we only have 16 weekends left in hurricane season and 11-14 tropical storms and 7-9 actual hurricanes...that makes for a busy end of summer.... and really...i already have plans.

hurricanes hardly happen...
on week days.
only on weekends. so from now on there will be a hurricane or tropical storm every weekend if my math surves me correct.... the 11-14 topical storms do not count the 7-9 hurricanes. and we all know that these storms will in some way affect the state of florida.

so hurricanes (and tropical storms) please do not affect the following events:
1. the killers concert (that is if my tickets EVER come in..) it is indoors, but still. people spook
2. my trip to portland for laborday. that would just suck. but for safety, i did schedule to fly out before and after the weekend
3. the weezer concert. (again indoors but still)
4. Journey - outdoors
5. Coldplay - outdoors
6. any other trips or events that come up! you already screwed up my itchnetuckey trip. i hate you.

regarding your trip to portland and hurricanes preventing it, i'm no god, but That's Not Going To Happen, ok? ok!
hopefully the hurricane will close the airport and prevent me from returning to work.
Ah, yes dear april. YOu forget the mighty power of hurricanes stopping flights and such.

So you're going to portland, eh? awesome. hippies.

i'm coming to orlando at the end of september so the evil hoooorrrrricanes better not ruin that. wanna come over and see us?

my coldplay show is also outside but it's in birmingham so it'd have to be a helluva storm to make it up there. not unheard of though.
Whats happening in september?
Did you read the recent hoo hah about how global warming is likely increasing the average strength of hurricanes? Awesome. So you've also got that going for you, which is nice.
Christian has a conference on the 29th, 30th and 1st. The three of us are going down for a "vacation" and my mom is coming along to keep me and lil c company during the day. Maybe you could come over on saturday at least.
Ill keep my calendar clear!
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