Friday, August 05, 2005


warped kids

ok. so the warped tour is today. and my office is about 4 blocks from the site. public school is in for all the kiddies... so i guess they had to take the day off.
should be fun to watch. last year there were all these kids, all excited looking in the morning, by afternoon, they were so dehydrated they looked dead. why why why do they schedule these things in florida in August? i plan on taking my camera with me where ever i go today and tying to take picures of the most outrageous of the kids trying to look "cool"
picutures to come soon...

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well, from what i noticed, not many of the kids seemed to be on the edge of the counter culture. there was one girl, with a football jersey. really. whats so "alternative" with a football jersey that you bought at footlocker.
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