Monday, August 29, 2005


Topics up for discussion....

1. Going to portland for a much needed excape from all work issues and assisted living facility issues...

2. My boycott of MTV excluded the hedious Mtv Music video awards...that sujen girl has the MOST annoying voice... and whos going to get shot next? sadly, i think kanye better watch out! i thought it proved my point. mtv is gone to shit. was it cause i was young and i thought that they were "cool" or ahead of the times? but now... bad camera angles, and terrable editing!

3. the weather. poor neworeans... and please will those onsite reporter ladies stop wearing so much eye makeup in terrential down pours?

4. i still cant spell. ha.

oh how i wish i could supply a comment for discussion but i've managed to miss all tv events and i've never been to portland. or anywhere in OR before. I'm sure you'll have a super duper grand time (unless another freak hurricane comes first!)
no more hurricanes, for anyone,even portland.
you havent missed much tv. nothign good. just bad stuff. really bad stuff.
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