Saturday, July 02, 2005


Live 8

so its saturday. and its not raning out... but i can not think of a better way to spend the day but to have the tv on silent, and 5 windows open on my computer with the different stages for live 8 on.
god love the internet.

saras highlights so far:
1. the opening in london, i saw it live. just a good strong start with paul and bono and the boys.
2. the stages! after witnessing the events that can be held in europe, great respect for the event of this all
3. the crowds... if they had more stages in the states.... mahem would happen
4. the verve and coldplay! awsome!
5. UB40. i love those guys so fun. one guy wins a lawsuit from a fight, and the next thing they are a reggae band
6. annie lenox rocks. and will always rock.
7. faith hill... not that great. dosent command the crowd.
8. I missed antino bochelli.
9.brad pitt is just plain ol' hot
10. mtv sucks
11. aol online for the philly stage sucks.... they show commercials. thats wrong
12. the london crowd changing "living on a prayer"
13. joss stone is great.
14. poor snowpatrol and the killers who got their sets shortened. but madonna was great

saturday night i left to go to orlando...but got to watch some more footage...and some more comments
15. mariah tried to be madonna
16. ricky gervis did his dance. it was awsome.
17. travis was great. i wish i got to see the video behind them during "why does it always rain on me" they compared the amt to debt to shoes and barbie dolls.
18. there is this one point, franz ferdinand is playing in the bkground (it was a film they would show) i think it was after madonna?... there is a helicopter hovering over the city of london, then the camera pulls back and you realize its from another helicopter far far away on the other side of the park. and its just the coolest james bond kinda thing.
19. apple wearing cute pink headphones. so sweet. so caring of the parents.
20. tracie chappman playing in the background with cameras showing people entering and leaving hyde park

I foolishly watched it on vh1. What a joke! Did those jabbering fools think that people tuned in to watch them talking??? NO! No, we did not! C was smart enough to watch the computer but that just gets on my nerves too much. What I did get to see (around the commercials and fools jibber-jabbering) was really good. I'll always love Bon Jovi, even if they do wear too tight pants.
Forgot about Mariah. One word - hooker.
mariah is turning into a chubby little hooker ain't she
yep. rolls of fat sticking out the criss cross side of her hooker suit. ewww. plus, i believe she's at least early 30s. there really has to be a time that we stop dressing as though we're 22 year old hoochie mamas.
i wish that i was there.... thinking of what a high london must of had with live 8, the winning of the olymbics. but then what a low with the bombings....
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