Tuesday, December 06, 2005


december 1st...

so far so good.
the goal was starting on December 1st, things were going to be more fun, more exciting, and more me like!
so yea me.
dec. 1 - great
dec. 2- super great
dec. 3- good
dec. 4 - super great

dec. 5 - exausted
dec. 6.... i spent too much money on a couch. but yea me and yea my ass on the couch!

sofa Posted by Picasa

nice couch. its very nice! ^_^
so you went from purple to red. fancy stylish.
fancy pants Indeed!! the cats killed the couch. and if im going to attment to have a social life that involves boys then i think a new couch would be nice.
step 1: get a new couch
step 2: get much boo-tay on new couch

exactly....thats the plan....newcouch=newbooty
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