Tuesday, December 20, 2005


the mixcd

ok. i havent made a mixed tape or cd in a while, a long while, ive been needing too. and everyone said using itunes made it really easy. which it did! but then. oh computer why must you fail in the burning attempt? why?

so, if i can resolve this 'burning' problem.... you can all get some mixcds!

hooray! easy listening volume 1 needs a friend.
yep. and i got more easy listening where that one came from!
did you solve your burning problem? this is why i bought a mac - things just WORK.
nope. still at work... no solution to the burnning issue...im going to make sure i have the most uptodate version...
good luck, SAra! hopefully it will work!
rumor has it it's fixed - so where are my burt bacharach mixes? ;)
{i just realized how witty i could have been if i'd just have typed bur[n]t bacharach...hahahaHA.]
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