Thursday, July 29, 2004


I'm a Winner!

I useto believe that clearchannel was evil (i stil do) but hell can they give you a good prize.  I won a trip to london for 2 for the Reading Music Festival.  This year has been kinda odd for me, ive been in a bit of a funk, dealing with family and an evil boy. so some how i seem to have impressed the gods and they have given me this wonderful gift.  not that im saying clearchannel is god - though they try to play god. anyways.... the trip. back to that. its amazing (or atleast sounds like it). airfare to london, 3 nights in a fancy pants hotel, tickets to the redding music festival (tres chere) and some beer coupons too. oh and were back stage :p
this is all related to the mp3 player i won (known as rosco). i qualifed and then i was Chosen.

oh to be the chosen's chosen...!
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