Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Me and Grandma - back in 2004

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Grandma is doing better, I'll post updates in the comments, but he had her gallstones and gallbladder taken out last thursday, and tuesday the 3rd of January - she had heart surgery to repair 2 blockages.

o, grandma.... you know our thoughts are with her, and you of course.
poor grandma. i'm glad she's doing better.
do you have an outside shot of this house?
yep, but not digital...
i think it might be the one i told you of many years ago. your house. what color is it?
oh THAT house...the preminision!!!! its a light cream and green trim. with stone accent.
Well UPDATE! grandma is such a trooper! sunday morn (jan 9th) she looked so much better. a bit bruised but she looked as good as she does in this photo! go grandma go!
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