Thursday, January 26, 2006


Tips Tricks Rules & Regulations for Gasparilla

After a few years of going to gasparilla, i have assembled a few guidelines and tips. for me and for others... here are some of the best.
Bulid A BASE!
sara is not allowed to stand on coolers.
sara can not fly - so no standing on coolers
sit during the parade. its safer.
sara is not allowed at the knight parade
Contact dermititus happens when you drink carona's with limes in the sun and it takes months to heal
bring extra drinks to discretely sell or give to pirates for good beads
give water to the cops. and help them with directions cause they dont know where they are
make jean cook you breakfast in the am. she's REALLY good at it.

is it really gasparilla time again already? ah, good times. be careful and have fun! crazy drunken cooler faller offer.
So did you stick to your rules?
pretty much...i didnt fall down...atleast i dont remember.
I would like pancakes, and eggs and sausages.....ahhhh those were the good times!
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