Monday, January 23, 2006


james bond.

This weekend while watching Diamonds are Forever, i realized that James Bond wasent just an international man of mystery...
he was good at his job, good at swimming and scubadiving, good at flying things, good at shooting things and people, martial arts and he was good with the ladies. They say very good. but this brings up the biggest part of James Bonds job discription. he was an AMAZING multi-tasker...
serisouly, he could do his job, have time for tranning and have lots of time for romancing the ladies.

How about that suit he was wearing when he fought Thumper and Bambi? I believe it was white with a pink tie. That is pretty stylish. He has me wondering weather I could pull that look off. Maybe in the summer? Could be too much Miami Vice-like though?
it all depends... it could be pulled off, white jackets can be done non-miami vice like...but be careful. it could turn out bad like the tatoo guy on fantisy island or the fat-er guy in the hives. i think the secret is to be tall. and trim.
hmmm. you had a lot of time to think about this, i believe. you should consider writing a paper on your james bond observations. what do you think of the new one? i don't care for him myself.
Tall and trim...there goes that look for me.
i haven't seen the new ones, i like the old ones with sean connery. he was a handsome man...i like the old title scenes (i think thats what they are called) view to a kill is still one of my favorite openenings for a movie.

as for the jacket... dont fret. it could be worse.
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