Wednesday, January 11, 2006


New TV schedule!!!!!

there are too many new shows i want to watch, and i'm not sure when they are on...! help!
I could break down and get a DVR. but... we all know that would be the death of my social life... but you can tape more than one program at a time, and then fast foreward through the commericals...maybe i should get one and be more productive with my tv watching time...
they keep moving my arrested development, and that throws me off....but there are new shows that are turning out to be pretty good... that how i met your mother, has one of the freeks from freeks and geeks and they are starting a new beauty and the geek, and american idol auditions... the best part of the show.... and so much more. scrubs was pretty good last night... but im starting to get behind with my tv! eek.

Love my DVR. Less time spent watching TV since I zap commercials and I watch according to my schedule not theirs. But now I'm hooked on Dancing with the Stars!! eek
i enjoyed the skating with the stars... this week, people get injured.
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