Monday, April 17, 2006


sara's dooms day month of april.

so. this month started off on the first with
1. breaking up with the guy i was seeing
2. a car accident
3. wiplash & continuous headaches
4. my dip stick and sleeve breaking rendering my car useless.
5. i need to get my cv boot cover fixed - but hopefully thats all it is, and its not my axil.
my car is my achillies tendon. if it goes. i am totally at a loss.

this black cloud that has been following me around all month must go NOW. i dont know physically how much more of it i can take.

lets look back at the history of sara and other things that have gone on in the month of april....most of them trivial.
-stolen check card and more than $2,000 in charges to my checking account
-last year i was sick for my birthday
-bad date with jesus fish boy
-rotton hole in my bathroom roof
- dissapearing boyfriends in s. florida - but that turned out to be a really good thing... but odd at the time.
-i remeber crying as a kid cause some one gave me a ticket to the disney easter parade then took it back
-the 'win-dixie' birthday incedent. "sara, what would you like for your birthday -?" "all i want is a publix cake" and what did my mom get me. a win-dixie cake. i cried, i was 16
-the YEARS of having my birthday during finals week - all the design kids had gone home, all the regular students had exams. Loreen took a break from her studying to take me out to get drunk when i turned 21- that was the best :)

**-the ultimate. car accident on friday the 13th, 1984 - hit the windshield THEN the next day slammed my thumb in a car door and lost my thumbnail. tramatic -still to this day i cant look at fingernail or toe nail injuries.

i know there is much much more... maybe its a seasonal thing?

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