Tuesday, April 04, 2006


16yr old drivers... vs me and my car.

monday night i was rear ended by 2 girls in a brand new toyota.
i had stoped at a red light, waited for a handicapped man to finish crossing the street in the crosswalk before i turned right on a green light.
seems the girls were not paying attention. and were traveling at about 25-30 mph.
basically i believe i have wiplash. I am in pain in my neck, sholders and back.
tommrow i will go to a doctor and get check out - its just now a whole mess of car insurance and car repairs. as we know my car was not in the best of shape. this may have put it over the edge... it dosent look that physically bad. but its banged up, and knowing jettas, theres atleast $2,000 in body work. and acoring to blue book. thats about all my car is worth.

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