Tuesday, November 15, 2005


things that you notice....

thing #1 - use the digital camera. disposable cameras have not gotten any better
thing #2 - its a sad day when you realize that the majority of the u2 fans are balding.

Tommrow, i get to see U2 in tampa. yea!

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Hey Squirll, love your blog. Can I add it to the list of local blogs on the Times website? Feel free to link to the Stuck in the 80s blog. And let me know if you have the time to be a guest on our podcast sometime soon!
[is that guy for real? did he miss you in the NYT? i mean, you're widly times-published, man.]
yep. he's legit....what do you all think? should i, or should i keep myself hidden only to my friends and those who happen along... hummm....
I'm too self-conscious to even have a public blog so I'm definitely not the person to answer that.
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