Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The silent treatment.

dear friends,
its not that i dont like you, or that i dont care... i really do. but due to work and my "restrictions"
i cant email at work, and we all know that email is my easiest form of conversation....

im not a phone talker, ive never been... and i have to work on that
and i like to go to bed at a reasonable time - so late night emails arnt in the forcast....

ill ramble up on this thing about things going on, but not all of them are really personable...
so how are all of you doing? well i hope. email me and let me know the highlights!
as for really busy, and so busy that im exausted in the evening and dont have time to do other projects. projects that need to be done (most before thanksgiving)

so please, email me, get me motivated, if i dont reply back immediately, please keep trying....

aha! poor christian was certain that you no longer liked him as he has been waiting for an email reply from you for weeks now.
we understand. i'm on very nearly the same page. except for today. breaking up makes you an emailhound, i can't help it.
i miss you but i know it's not personal!
totally understand. hope work slows down a bit!
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