Monday, November 21, 2005


ego trip at the golden corral

So tonight, to celebrate finding an alf... we went to the golden corral....
i was timid, for the fact that the last one i went to was shitty. this one. was nice.
our waitress was wonderful, the food was actually really good. except for the free range children that were a tripping hazard. all was O-K!
We went after i got off from work, so i was dressed semi professionally. this proved to be appreciated by the patrons of this pinellas park/largo golden corral. I swear that every man in there was checking me out. creepy yet flattering. damn i wish i had my camera.

you should have eaten the free range children!
um, finding an alf????
assisted living facility, i think
yes, assisted living facility. i think, back home in heaven's waiting room, we're expected to just know that. but man, i wish she had her camera, too...
yep, that makes sense. i was confused about you being excited about finding an alf. i'm thinking an alf doll or something and finding it hard to believe that you were such a big fan of the furry guy. I realize that wasn't the point of you post but it was important to me.
Hi there- Glad you found a place for dad. Drop a line and let me know where he will be.

Wendy from Charlie Robinson's
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