Monday, October 31, 2005



yea! so eventful weekend helping rebecca with her stuf in her place and getting that all settled, got dressed up, slept an extra hr and just had a good weekend over all. so tonight, halloween, jess came over and we gave out candy, to lets count them 5 groups of kids. maybe 6. but really no more....
it seems that down the street, they did it up so so so much better, you would hear the kids and the parents yell as they walked down the street....lets go to 17th!
so jess and i did, and wow. they did UP halloween. looked for the mystery television producer / free lance camera guy from shuffleboard... no luck... but anyways had a great time. yea halloween.


2 years in a row with no trick-or-treaters. sucks.
that does suck. hope you got yummy candy
i love this photo of you!
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