Wednesday, October 12, 2005


breakfast of champions....

redbull and glazed donuts from publix.

i swear, if i keep going at this pace, im destined for the hard drugs... i dont like hard drugs....i dont want hard drugs....
so between this mornings breakfast and sunday nights dinner... fill in the rest with some odd amounts of peanutbutter, instant breakfast, and wendys.
damn i need to find a man that can cook.

how is that different from the way you've always eaten???? i'm surprised you have any guts left at all! here's a suggestion: move to a place where you have a friend that's training to be a chef and needs to practice.
i guess its really not that different from my regular diet, just more extreame. uasually its just cereal...
can you mail me food?
I'll make sure we eat right when you're up here this weekend. Well, maybe not "right" but good. We'll trade glazed donuts and redbull for homemade pasta and wine in the north end. yum!
probably not my fancy new food, but toffee always ships just fine if you'd like.
i love toffe!
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