Friday, September 23, 2005


Shopping for new jeans!

ok. so lately i have been having a hell of a time finding pants that fit. im short, and have a rather big butt and good sized thighs...
we have all had some problem or another finding pants that fit, expecially jeans.
and im sorry, i can not do low-rise.... if i do, i get a certain nickname that someone once gave me that wasent that pleasant....

anyways...after having looked for about a year... there may be hope...
"curvy" jeans from the gap.
(yes... the gap. is the gap actually going to start selling clothes i can fit into again?) maybe yes?

from the gap:
Hugging your curves like never before, you’ll want to try this fit if your waist is smaller than your hips. A woman’s curviness is defined by her hip-to-waist ratio, which can be taken either at the hip level or at the fullest point of the rear. Women with curves usually have to buy a size up to fit their hips, which results in jeans that can gape at the waist and sag in the rear. The Curvy fit was engineered for both wider hips and fuller rears by creating a deeper curve in the seam shape, which eliminates excess fabric in the seat and contours the back waist. The actual sides of the hip were also opened up slightly so that someone with wider hips and a less full seat is still flattered by the cut. Curvy women should never settle for baggy jeans or jeans that are too tight in the rear. This is a sexy, contoured jean for women with the shape to fill it in all the right places.

for women who have larger hips than their waist?
think about that for a second.... don't most woment have hips larger than their waist?
and why wernt their jeans designed this way to begin with? its not rocket science

you and janet have always had the same problem. you must have identical bodies.
men design jeans. period. it's one of the many divides/injustices of the sexes and i fear it'll plauge us for ages to come. ironically, i mean, lookit kate moss, the model generally thereof, but CK jeans fit me like a freaking dream. sara you'd er, need to hem them though, as i nearly do, too.
try chef coats/pants. not only designed by men, but made for men. the shoulders fit and the rest are huge and make you look like a box. unless of course, you want to search for a woman's uniform and pay at least 4 times as much. bastards.
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