Thursday, September 01, 2005


Fond Memories of New Orleans....

February 2001 - a group of my friends and I went to New Orleans for a feis (irish dancing competition - rhymes with hess-or as shauna says fish fest.)
for most it was their second or 3rd time being there, for me it was my first.
sadly i didnt have my digital camera at that time, but loreen did, here are some of the pictures she took...
it was cold, a bit rainy, but we had a great time using the competition as an excuse to hit the french quarter and the sites!

Npr last night had this clip... <">>

Posted by Picasa look at those turned out feet!

Posted by Picasa Loreen danced away being the big winner for the day with her impressive big medal. out of all the competitions, they had the most artistic/creative medals...

Posted by Picasa Burbon street at night...

Kelly, Me, Juli, Loreen and natalie, Lara was taking the picture... and what a great picture it is...
Posted by Picasa

drinking. Posted by Picasa

Lara - singing to us with the use of her shark Posted by Picasa

sharks Posted by Picasa yep. shark attacks.

Loreen and I at the Missisippi post parade night. Posted by Picasa

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