Thursday, June 02, 2005


A Great Night for Bad Tv

Wednesday nights tv was so bad it was actually great!

8:00 - the WB Beauty and the Geek
the concept is, get a few beautiful women who are as dumb as bricks together with some geeky guys and then make them help eachother with their weeknesses. thought up by aston kercher. It's much better than Average Joe which bascially made fun of the guys.

9:00 - ABC Dancing with the Stars
so bad. it started off good. joey from the new kids danced his little feet off. but professional boxers should not be allowed to dance ever. J Peterman - did a good job too! now this show is one of a slew of shows comming from across the pond. England has Great reality tv. and its about time for the networks here to catch on.

10:00 - BRAVO Sports kids moms and dads
part 3 of the series. ive been a big fan since the beginning. show dog moms and dads was my favorite so far. cause it was so bad. some of these parents actaully SCARE me.

i should really post this comment under 'anonymous' because i, well, am embarrassed to say that i too watched dancing with the stars, and onmygod, joey and his girl were the best and holyfield was WRETCHED and those judges don't know what they're talking about....i mean, well, one could construe such a thing if you were to watch it....
i cant wait to see what this tuesday holds!
Also, the Geek show had Geeks that weren't scary looking, unlike some of the ones on Averag Joe. These guys really were average looking. Plus, we all know geeks are hot...
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