Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Damn it! don't call me Shirley

ok. really.
do I have such a speach impediment or problem that when I say my name it sounds like I'm saying "Shirley"
Its Sara, ok. SARA (or maybe if im in a good mood - sarah)
another thing. when i say the letter 'L' I am not saying 'O'
L dosent sound like O
and my last name, I can understand that it is a lost cause. I dont think it was untill i was 7 that i could say my last name remotely correct.
yes. 2 years of speach class got me to say my R's. it was quite tramatic. i was the only one in the class who couldent say R's. everyone elese was talking like cindy brady spitting out their S's. and they would gang up on me. and then when i would make fun of them, they would just make fun of me back and it was this vicious circle, and I was outnumbered.

and thats fine. but i never had a problem with my name or the letter 'L'

um, try being Shauna Suzanne Stovall Winterbottom or being Shauna and Shannon Stovall. You do realize that Christian doesn't even have a middle name because his parents decided that he had enough to deal with? And he's one that can tell you about people having trouble with names. I mean really, how hard is Winterbottom??!
but im saying sara! not shirley! and they are like "hi shirley, how are you today." and i have to be nice.
kids...one word: cottini.
maybe people say 'shirley' because they see the ringlets and think 'shirley temple' and it really has nothing to do with speach....maybe? dunno. sorry. i know you're sara, without an 'h'.
its over the phone. no curls inovlved.
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