Thursday, April 07, 2005


recovering from Hump Day

By the time Wednesday rolls around, I'm uasually exausted from work and all the trials and tribulations from the i drag myself 45 minutes to an hours across the bay and over the the north side of tampa during rushhour for my Irish dancing class. Yes, its a odd type of hobby, and yes, its "like riverdance". but it is such a stress releaver.... after starting the class with a good 10 min of non stop drills, enough jumping and pounding of the feet to make your shins shatter, I totally forget about construction details, dimension and layout plans, memos, and pavers. Plus.. I get to hang out with some of the best kids and teenagers in Tampa! and they keep me on my toes (litteraly) and are just plain FUN to be around! so then after an hour and a half, i drive myself back to st. pete....
Then miraculously thrusday morning I wake up, totally refreshed and ready for the day! ready for the weekend! but wait...its just thursday.

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