Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Reflections on popethings

These are just a few things that have been discussed in the past week or two after j.p.II's passing...*

-are they going to retire the pope mobile?
-"I lost the office pope pool...god damn it..."
-his name sounds like it 'could' be Jewish...maybe he is actually Jewish and isn’t telling anyone till he gets himself into the highest position in the Catholic Church.... hummm..."
-very controversial. Just like national elections!
-he doesn’t look as cute as the old pope..
-pope-tourage - the pope's entourage
-input pope mobile into any rap song. Quite funny
Actually any pope reference in any rap song. funny
-hee, hee! The boss just cursed when he heard about the pope (he's a
Catholic) and now he's in a bad mood
-pope and circumstances! or pope and circumcisions.
-the Vatican gift shop... do you think they are having a sale now to clear out merchandise?
-do you think there will be more kids named benedict?
-I sooooooooo want popeonaropesoap
-he's not German, he's Bavarian.....it just means he can climb mountains
-if he didn't want to be a part of the Hitler youth, he could of found an out....Maria and the Von Trapps did.

*these weren’t all my doing, I had lots of help. I'm just the keeper of pope type things online for myself and friends. Hope you enjoyed. I don't mean to offend.

He did get out of the Hitler Youth. Going to study for the priesthood was his "out". His family moved around and did everything they could to avoid the Nazi's. Then when he was of age to fight he deserted the army. This was a very dangerous stand to take. He was definitely not a Nazi or a Nazi supporter.
thank you for cementing in pixels our poperiffic banter. hitler or no hitler, the man is nearly 80 and we're going to have to do this aaaaaall over again. my mother, a good catholic, surmises that he got the spot because he was jpII's right hand man, and everyone wanted to carry out his 'mission'.
do you think that the cardinals sit and dream of what they will call them selves if they become Pope? "humm...Pius is a good name... so is clement... oh..i forgot about innocent..well nah. how bout eugine? no. Boniface it is.."
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