Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Boat Drama

so all of you that know me, get to hear my hillarious tales about the crazyness of working one night a week on the largest gaming ship on the west coast of florida...

from funny stories of drunken guests, to 5'2" sara working as a security guard (watch out) and domestic disputes that typically end up with someone being arrested.
Here are the Big Stories. I'm not afraid of being dooced... they only pay me $8.50 and hour (that is after they fixed their acounting error that was overpaying me by $550 each paycheck)

  • ouch
  • what do you mean fire extinguisher?
  • Burn Tram Burn
  • what? I CAN'T HEAR YOU

  • Comments:
    i thought you'd quit the boat...
    Not yet. I think for my safty and personal well being, im going to quit
    Too bad I no longer get to hear these stories in person. Reading them is just not the same, I'm afraid.
    so now...ive called all that i could possibly call to find out my schedule for sat. its now friday afternoon. no word yet... lets see what happens......
    well its done. bon voyage ocean jewel. i really didnt expect them to take my letter of resignination. i guess if you make it that easy for people to quit, they will actually quit.
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