Tuesday, October 19, 2004


this morning.

So while trying to find a parking space so i could get my carmel frapichino to help my addiction, i relized there were lots of women running across the streets wearing red and white, and helicopters, and police. i first thought something happened, then i realized. bush was going to be in town today. so i parked illegully and started towards the starbucks. i was greeted with some nice, tall handsome men (note...they didnt open the door for me). then i relized, they were too tall and handsome. then i notice a spiffy lapel pin on their blazers. then it clicks. Secret Service! and im sure they could see the tought process across my face. first confusion-the what the fuck is going on look, then ah-ha! realization...so then i was thinkin'.. will bushy be drinking coffee at starbucks with the regular people today. Nope. but their secret service guys did. i like them. they can hang with the regulars...but they really spooked the rest of us....including the starbucks employees...

if i were there, i woulda grabbed his label and peered into it while shouting 'bush is satan!!!!'
then i would have been arrested, of course.
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